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Brady Walker winning our 1st prize at Chartwell

This guy won our 8  Week Flex Challenge and scored himself $500 first prize.! If you were in the gym in October and November you would of seen him, he was in most days training hard and quietly doing his thing. BUT THEN HE LIFTED HIS SHIRT AT THE END OF THE CHALLENGE AND....Wowza he had been training and eating clean!!!...

February 7, 2020


I seriously started my long-term weight loss journey just over 7 years ago when I found out my wife and I were expecting our first child. My family became my WHY, and being the best version of myself became my mission. I was tipping the scales at 180kgs, I had severe sleep apnoea and a major addiction to junk food.It has been a long journey with many ups and downs and lessons learnt, but I am proud to say that through regular exercise and creating sustainable lifestyle changes with my nutrition,...

February 7, 2020


When I was pregnant with my two kids, I struggled to find anything to wear.  I've always been curvy, and it is always difficult to find decent plus size womens clothing, let alone plus size maternity clothing. I just couldn't find anything flattering, functional and fashionable, so I decided to create it.   I had such fantastic feedback and success with our offering that SAMA+KIKI  is now a plus size fashion label, as well as plus size maternity, catering for woman from sizes...

February 7, 2020

Client August is all about Sarah B

Wow where to start I have been training on and off with Paula for a few years now and hands down she has been the most supportive person around me. With Paula’s help I have overcome some huge obstacles in not only my gym life but my personal life as well. After losing 50kgs through weight loss surgery and with Paula’s help along the way, I have taking up running something I thought would never be possible. Paula has help me become a runner and given me lots of tips and tricks for this newfou...

July 29, 2019

Amanda's Journey

Paula opened  my eyes to other types of fitness I had never considered. This has led us to working with my natural ability and that is, strength.I am enjoying focusing on major lifts with Paula and not only do I consistently hit new PB's but I know I am being trained correctly as Paula is always making sure form is correct and knows when I should decrease reps or weights at each session....

July 29, 2019

What fuels me

I'm constantly giving you guys tips on what to eat to stay your best self. But I bet you're wondering: exactly what is it I'm eating all the time? As you may know, I've been living with celiac disease for most of my adult life. As a result, I've had to get pretty creative with my meals to keep it interesting, to keep it SPICY! Take a look at my meals and maybe you'll find some new ideas to whip up at home! (Lay out an example meal for each in as much detail as you can imagine... be creative)This...

July 1, 2019

Tony Begbie - thank you

Tony has been working with me for the past 6 weeks helping me with my business planning and getting me up to speed with social media.Tony works for ABC Business Sales to connect business owners who want to sell their business with purchasers, and he is a business mentor working with business owners like me to improve through planning, implementing processes and generally anything he can see to improve business and life. I cant express how much what I have learnt from Tony in such a sma...

May 6, 2019

Client success - Jaimee

"Paula suggested joining Jake Campus for nutrition to add to the work I was already doing with her. I chose the online option because I was already being accountable through my work with Paula. After losing 20 kg I can now see the importance of combining proper nutrition and regular physical activity to see the result you want."...

April 17, 2019

Client success - Zoey

"When I started working with Paula I could barely do one push-up on my knees. She helped me to start to build up my fitness begin to build some muscle tone. Paula also encouraged me to take the next step and look at my nutrition, and since May 2018 I have dropped approximately 20kgs and I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been. Paula helped keep me accountable and supported me on my journey. I look forward to my workout sessions each week - my bat wings have disappeared and I a...

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