Tony Begbie - thank you

Tony has been working with me for the past 6 weeks helping me with my business planning and getting me up to speed with social media.

Tony works for ABC Business Sales to connect business owners who want to sell their business with purchasers, and he is a business mentor working with business owners like me to improve through planning, implementing processes and generally anything he can see to improve business and life. 

I cant express how much what I have learnt from Tony in such a small amount of time has helped. Every fortnight when we get together I feel like a sponge and leave the meetings buzzing, full of ideas and I am enjoying my business again and can see more success in the future. 

BUT...not only is he great at business, he is a crazy sports man and seems to have a passion for extreme sports, especially mountain biking. 

Thank you Tony for all your support. Here's how you can contact Tony...

Tony Begbie
Mobile: 029-2006515  Ph 07-2114613
E-mail: tony@leverageforlifestyle.co.nz


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