Client success - Zoey

"When I started working with Paula I could barely do one push-up on my knees. She helped me to start to build up my fitness begin to build some muscle tone. 

Paula also encouraged me to take the next step and look at my nutrition, and since May 2018 I have dropped approximately 20kgs and I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been. 

Paula helped keep me accountable and supported me on my journey. I look forward to my workout sessions each week - my bat wings have disappeared and I actually have visible back muscles."

I first met Zoey when she came along to a boot camp with her friend.  She had one very dominant side and struggled to do press-ups or anything on one side of her upper body. 

With trust and a friendship that has grown we began to really talk openly about goals.

Zoey took the challenges on and she has achieved a loss of 20kg and went from walking Round the Bridges to the past holidays running 10kms.  I gave her a challenge to do 60 press ups on her toes straight and she achieved this goal.  Her latest body scan showed her body was even in strength and she is at her recommended body weight.

It's been an amazing and inspiring 6 months working with Zoey - watching her become confident and inspiring to others. I thoroughly enjoy my Thursdays afternoons with Zoey and her friend.  She is open to try anything thrown at her and exercise and healthy food is just her new life style. For not only herself but her family.


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