Client success - Jaimee

"Paula suggested joining Jake Campus for nutrition to add to the work I was already doing with her. I chose the online option because I was already being accountable through my work with Paula. After losing 20 kg I can now see the importance of combining proper nutrition and regular physical activity to see the result you want."

When Jaimee and I started working together we sat down and discussed her goals. Her aim was to be fit and loose weight.  

After training and not getting the results as quickly as she'd hoped I suggested she might need to look at her nutrition. Last year she took my advice and we sat down to reassess where she was at, including taking her measurements and reassessing her goals. 

Jaimee had had a few set backs with being sick, as we all do somewhere in the year, but this didn’t stop her and she never once went off her eating plan. When she wasn’t training with me she trained hard with her friends in the weekends and took up to walking up the Haks and our many river walks. 

We started taking her measurements and a photo of her progress fortnightly, and would discuss the training weekly to make adjustments. She set a goal that was realistic and a good time frame to do it in and she's smashed it! 

I can see that Jaimee has gained lots of confidence and has her bounce back, its just so awesome to share that with her and her friend. Its been an amazing 6 months.


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