What fuels me

I'm constantly giving you guys tips on what to eat to stay your best self. But I bet you're wondering: exactly what is it I'm eating all the time? As you may know, I've been living with celiac disease for most of my adult life. As a result, I've had to get pretty creative with my meals to keep it interesting, to keep it SPICY! Take a look at my meals and maybe you'll find some new ideas to whip up at home!

(Lay out an example meal for each in as much detail as you can imagine... be creative)
This was my go to Tuesday this week...

Breakfast 4.50 am
Plant protein powder, frozen blueberries, loads of ice and 2/3 cup water blitz to a mouse then thrown on top a weet-bix and sultanas

Lunch 2 pm
Air fryer out and cooked pumpkin chunks, chicken drumsticks, broccoli coleslaw and jalapenos with cranberry jelly with my Mocca Black coffee

Dinner 7.40 pm
Salmon tail (less fat comes out than fillets just a wee hint) , Asian Bok Choy, leeks and beans fried with ginger and garlic with vegan Angels cheese crumbed on top and jalapenos and a sprinkle of crunchy chickpeas and Edamame peas

Dessert 9 pm
Smoothie made with just water and ice

Somewhere in between I grab what ever and it can be good protein shake or can be bad like yogurt raisins and almonds...with a BCAA drink


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