I seriously started my long-term weight loss journey just over 7 years ago when I found out my wife and I were expecting our first child. My family became my WHY, and being the best version of myself became my mission.

I was tipping the scales at 180kgs, I had severe sleep apnoea and a major addiction to junk food.
It has been a long journey with many ups and downs and lessons learnt, but I am proud to say that through regular exercise and creating sustainable lifestyle changes with my nutrition, I lost 50kgs and I’m a much fitter, stronger, healthier, productive and happier version of myself.
There are many things that contributed to my weight loss, but the key things I would attribute to my results are:
1.      At the beginning I wasn’t capable of following a nutrition plan, counting calories or measuring my food – but I could make small adjustments to what I ate, and that’s what I did. Bit by bit, I created sustainable habits with my nutrition, so it never felt like dieting. I am in a better head space now to be able to follow a proper nutrition plan.
2.      Training – just start, be consistent and keep challenging yourself.
3.      I bought a CPAP machine for my sleep apnoea. It’s important to invest in your health, both money and time.
In the last couple of years I reached a new chapter of my journey, where weight loss became a by-product of achieving my bigger and bolder health and fitness goals. Since I’ve been training with Paula, I have been learning about correct form and challenging myself with new training methods. Through our goal setting session we realised we have some commons goals, which we will be working on together, so watch this space!!!
If you’d like to follow my health and fitness journey, you can follow me on Instagram @kishan.raman


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