My purpose

To provide a lending hand for people to take control and change their lives through a lifestyle change. To show people that anything is possible and they can reach their goals, through health and wellbeing. 

My values

It's important to me that I am accountable to myself to help you achieve your goals. This means we need to trust each and work together, regularly reviewing things and progress as we go, while setting goals that are realistic with times frames and rewards.

I love being able to have a positive impact on the people I work with. It's a special thing to be part of someone's journey to a better life for them and their family.  

Because I love what I do so much I'm pretty enthusiastic about it. There is nothing better than being able to walk the journey alongside people who are working towards improving their well-being. 

It's always more fun training with others, and I enjoy the relationships that come from working together on our well-being. The laughter and chats that come allow us to create deeper relationships which also benefits our well-being. 

I am the biggest supporter of the people I work with, helping them grow and overcome any challenges and hurdles. I accept everyone as they are, and can often relate to many challenges from my own journey. 

Building long lasting relationships with my clients is really important to me. I aim to ensure you feel comfortable so that you can be honest and share any challenges that might be holding you back.

About me - Paula Whiteman

At Body Basics I offer a fitness and weight loss service  to help you achieve your personal goals. From entry fitness and weight loss through first event, half marathon, marathon training all the way to professional athlete status.

I've been involved in fitness and personal training for over 20 years to have helped hundreds of people live a better lifestyle and achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

Over the years I have taken on many challenges myself, including teaching body pump classes, participating in a body building competition, swimming in open seas and participating in running and cycling events. 


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